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JOrdi & STeve

Quality, Style & Contribution


Born from a friendship

JOST was born in 2013 to contribute to the development of Roller Sports in Australia, from the friendship of two Roller Hockey players, Steve from Melbourne, former captain of Australia, and Jordi, originally from Barcelona, who was born holding a hockey stick. Jordi and Steve, both believe that being paid to play a sport doesn't define you as an athlete, but it is an athletes attitude, contribution to the team or club, what really matters. Based on this philosophy, JOST delivers its value. Understanding the client's needs is key when recommending the right product. We empathise with every club, simply because we have been there many times.


Filling the

Due to the lack of Roller Hockey's public exposure to sponsors and funding, JOST filled that gap, bringing to Australia the best quality gear at the same time that was investing profits back into the local clubs and players. JOST has been a catalyst for the growth of Roller Hockey in Australia, and continues to do so.


Early growth

By actively investing back into the local clubs, JOST rapidly expanded and started exploring new ways of making amateur and professional athletes and clubs in Australia, look and feel great. JOST has worked with big established national federations such as Skate Australia, but also local emerging clubs such as the Melbourne Roller Hockey Club. To make sure that the product is of the best quality, partners with international brands suchs as Puma.



Today, JOST designs and produces products for various sports and works with National, State and Club teams to fit them out with well designed and comfortable competition and training uniforms. At the same time, the 'JOST Style' has evolved into a collection of streetwear products.