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THE JOST 8-point Manifesto

JOST has its origins in Roller Sports. Our bond with all Roller Sports is very strong.
We live by strong values and every day we aim to make the all these sports become greater.



Roller Sports is our passion.

We love to skate, we love Roller Sports. Everything we do, we do with PASSION.


We want to be an active ingredient in the growth of Roller Sports.

Our aim is to design, develop and provide solutions to all Roller Sports to bring this great sports to the world.


Everyone should have easy access to affordable gear.

We don't accept losing players/skaters because of costs. We want to be able to provide all
players the opportunity to purchase quality material at a reasonable price.


An on-line shopping experience like never before.

A very visual and modern online store designed to offer the best experience to the users.


Young players are the future.

We focus on the development of children, they are our future champions. We want as many
children as possible to try roller sports and be able to access quality and affordable material.


We are a community-focused brand.

We are opened to collaborate with any club or team. We recognise projects that could have
an important impact in their community. We deeply analyse every case separately.


We reward those players that do more than just playing.

We want to encourage those players that apart from playing at their desired level, help in many other ways.
Being an example, and being involved in the hockey community is something we value.


Respect, Fair Play & Competition.

These are the three concepts that we will defend forevermore.


Choose JOST and Invest in Roller Hockey

JOST has invested in our sport since its creation, by supporting the grass-roots and development of the sport, distributing affordable gear to everyone and sponsoring competitions and aso the national team in all their recent success, just to name a few. All profits of the JOST 3x3 are re-invested back into the development of the sport. We are here because we want to help and we are forever grateful to all our customers because by choosing us, means they are investing in the success and growth of our sport in Australia.