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Torquay Shin guards


At JOST we try to offer the very latest in roller hockey technology and design. That's why we are bringing you our new 100% customisable Torquay Shin Guards.

Made out of ultra-light carbon fibre, this shin guards are made to order, according to a totally personalised design and also to match the lenght of each player's shin. Check out some designs that we've done so far:

At JOST we test all our product and review them. For this time, we asked the Melbourne RHC senior player Jordi Poblet to test them out and here is his review:

They feel very good. Extremely light feels like you are not wearing any. Got hit by a couple balls during the test, and didn't feel absolutely nothing at all. I thought the fact that are so thin would affect the protection, but protects your shins perfectly. Since they were to made my shin size, they sit there comfortably, you don't feel them, but they are there for when a shot comes and you need them. Overall, it's a good quality product and the fact that the design is customisable makes them even more special.

Order your 100% customisable Torquays now on-line!