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New JOST Team: Mordialloc RHC

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Mordialloc Roller Hockey Club

We are proud to announce that we have a new addition to our JOST Teams

The club, the biggest in Victoria and one of the biggest in Australia, has a very successful history. Back in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s the club had not only won national and state titles, but also regularly contribuited with players to the Australian and Victoria teams.

Today, has one of the largest youth development, not only in Australia, but also in Asia-Pacific.

For these reasons and because they represent the true values of JOST, our logo will be present in our prime spot behind their shorts on their flashy new uniforms.

We are very happy to help one of the most important clubs in
ustralia to keep doing what they do well: produce hockey players.


photos: JOST & Mordialloc RHC Facebook page

Supporting the Southern Stars in Macau

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JOST supported the selection of players from Australia that played as Southern Stars in the Macau International Cup, in Macau-China from the 23rd to the 27th March.

The team finished 4th, showing a great shape throughout the tournament.

photos: Luis Velasco

Torquay Shin guards


At JOST we try to offer the very latest in roller hockey technology and design. That's why we are bringing you our new 100% customisable Torquay Shin Guards.

Made out of ultra-light carbon fibre, this shin guards are made to order, according to a totally personalised design and also to match the lenght of each player's shin. Check out some designs that we've done so far:

At JOST we test all our product and review them. For this time, we asked the Melbourne RHC senior player Jordi Poblet to test them out and here is his review:

They feel very good. Extremely light feels like you are not wearing any. Got hit by a couple balls during the test, and didn't feel absolutely nothing at all. I thought the fact that are so thin would affect the protection, but protects your shins perfectly. Since they were to made my shin size, they sit there comfortably, you don't feel them, but they are there for when a shot comes and you need them. Overall, it's a good quality product and the fact that the design is customisable makes them even more special.

Order your 100% customisable Torquays now on-line! 

The Melbourne RHC wins the Ausralia Day Cup 2015

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After an amazing weekend of hockey in Melbourne, our JOST Team, the Melbourne Roller Hockey Club won both Senior and Youth competitions. The Australia Day Cup is the most important club competition in Asia-Pacific, that brought clubs from all-over Australia and New Zealand to play for the title.

Seniors nailed it

The Melbourne Seniors, had a consistent and solid tournament where they won all games, showing a good shape in all of them. During the Group stage, they finished top of the ladder, after playing agains good opponents. They beat Mordialloc in the Semifinal 13-1, in a very serious game where they didn't give a chance to the "Mordi" boys. The final was against Skateabout, from Brisbane, team that deserved to be in the final, winning all their games in the Group stage.

After a good game of hockey, the Grand Final finished 6-0 for the Navy-Orange, becoming Champions for the second year in a row.

Here is what the captain of the team, Cameron Boehm had to say:

The team played really well, since Game 1, and kept its consistency throughout all the competition. The whole group trained really hard to get to this level and being back-to-back its something very special.

Youths took the title after an exciting final game

The Melbourne Youth, where the youngest team of them all, playing with some PeeWee players. Since the first game the team had a clear objective, give their best, and not only they did it, but they finished top of the ladder, not losing one single game. They played the Grand Final game in front of a very excited crowd, against Mordialloc Youth, wining with a golden goal at extra time with only 20 seconds remaining on the clock. This is the first title of the Melbourne Youth in the history of the club, only in their second year of competition.

JOST would like to congratulate all participants at the Australia Day Cup 2015, and specially, congratulate the Melbourne RHC for their great results and encourage them to continue to work hard to be better every day. We are pleased to be represented by the values of this club and will continue to do so.

Free Delivery if you pick at Australia Day Cup

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For all of those that will be coming down to Melbourne to play or enjoy the biggest club competition in Asia-Pacific, the 2015 Australia Day Cup, you can purchase online, and pick up at the Dandenong Showgrounds rink for FREE! Just remember to select that delivery option at the checkout, when purchasing.

Another excuse to come down to Melbourne to enjoy the best roller hockey in Asia-Pacific!

On-line store goes live!

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Today is a big day for us. We are launching our website and online store. We feel very proud to be the first Roller Hockey Brand in Australia, and Asia-Pacific, but even more motivated to start delivering our products and helping the growth of the hockey communities grow. We will work very hard to deliver the best service to all our local, and international customers.

We invite you all to have surf the site and the store. Enjoy a new experience in Roller Hockey online shopping!