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The new Roller Hockey competition format that contribuites to the growth and promotion of the sport

All profits made with this event will go to sponsor our youngest players and make the purchase of gear affordable.


photos by Chadd Scott



3 players + 1 Goalkeeper
(minimum per team)
Club and division mixed teams


x2 10min halves / 2min half-time
Direct Free hit every 3 fouls
Direct Free goals count double


What do I get?


Official Playing Tee of the colour of your team.

Minimum of 3 games with a maximum of 4 subject to results.

Contribute to the growth of the sport!


Want to host a 3x3 JOST Challenge®
EVENT in your city?

We will help you organise it. We provide you the promotional material
(t-shirts, posters, flyers, etc) and help you with social media promotion.